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The ancient city of Turkey, Sultan Ahmad

The district passes through the main highway of Sultan Ahmed. On the left side of the park are three archaeological sites side by side. Just walk ahead and take the right path. In front of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, the blue mosque is made of wooden benches and benches. To the left is Sofia's beautiful building. Is Sofia the Greek Orthodox Church, then the magnificent Ottoman mosque, and today's museum. The clash of civilizations here is breathtaking, can be felt.

On the right is the Sultan Ahmed on the right and Sufia on the left is one such witness, the repression of Mustafa Kamal which could not be tolerated. How long could the feelings remain unaware! Other civilizations were fated, but Islamic civilization is returning to life here. Sultan's shrines have been coming from the past. Here in the rear, the palace of the Ottomans extends far beyond the Coptic period. There are many items associated with the companions of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), including Mubarak. These are all the sacred orders of the Prophecy, the Caliphate of Rashid, and the Ottoman Caliphate. Here the Qur'an is preserved in red with the martyrdom of the Caliph Hazrat Usman (RA). It's wrapped in plain white fabric. This recipe is the height of glory.
Sultan Ahmed's district has spanned centuries. Wrapping it up is urgent. This article is only a brief overview of the city of Istanbul. Every article is an article. The Islamic revival is here. We saw this journey, these travelers. It was heartening to see the future Muslims before we died, even though we were not travelers.
Istanbul Constantine alias Byzantine is a northeastern island city surrounded by water. District Sultan Ahmed is its 'ancient city'. From the strait of Bosphorus in the north the horned canal flows into the city, called the Golden Horn. This is a well-known tourist destination. In the east the Strait of Bosphorus takes over Asia and Europe. In the south the sea of ​​Marmara takes Paradise to Beth Kazaar, another foothold in the Ottoman Empire. There is no direct connection to this city from the west, where the Roman Roman Emperor Constantine chose the walls. These walls lie between Turkey and the West.
Two trains pass through the modern tram just opposite our hotel Sultan Ahmed. They run along the old town. In the north the bridges lead to the wrong one. The west side of the city. Traveling from Metro station to Lira per ticket is cheaper and cheaper. The biggest benefit of a tram is getting rid of traffic jams. Time is not wasted There is no evening smoke.
District Sultan Ahmed is a history tour. Everything gets around. But claiming to know everything but more is impossible. When we traverse the left sidewalk with Hotel Sultan Ahmed, we find Sultan Ahmed Square at some distance. The largest basin attached to it is the basilica reservoir. It was built in 532 CE by the Roman king Justinian. In the case of the siege of the city, this water reservoir was used. Water is being stored between the pillars standing in the semi-darkness. There is a tradition of wanting to bounce coins in the pool. Even today, Western tourists bring desires here. This dreamy environment is very suitable for desires. Get out of here, Gulkhana Park comes, here we got the autumn season. Moments of calm were found in the rain of yellow leaves. Here is The History of Science & Technology in Islam, the works of Muslim scientists, and inventions are kept intact.
It is, of course, a city of marvels of history. On the way to Sultan Ahmed, museums are found. Go to the ancient Grand Bazaar, on the way there is a doorway to a seminary of the Ottomans, the mausoleums of the teachers and students are visible on the side, their books are still closed. Going forward on the path, It leads to the ancient Grand Bazaar. 61 The street market is closed on five sides. The variety of goods is available in four thousand shops. Two to three million people come here daily. In 2014, it was ranked number one in the list of tourist attractions. Sultan Mohammad II laid the foundation stone. The Ottoman style is a masterpiece.
Along with the market is the mosque of Sulaymaniyah. It is the second largest mosque in the city. This masterpiece was created on the orders of Sultan Sulaiman. This is probably the only city where tourists from all over the world visit the mosques, hear the call of the Azaan. We see these mosques again and again, and hear the adoration that is being felt in the western valleys. Are. One who must understand the history and rise and fall of civilizations, must go to Istanbul, and see the ancient city of Sultan Ahmed.

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