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Can Tamannaah's ITEM DANCE be the saving grace?

Now she has prepared to produce a look in a product tune in Burrakatha led by screenwriter Diamond Ratnam and starring Aadi Saikumar,'' Naira Shah and also Mishti Chakraborty in direct roles.  Let us find out whether Tamannaah thing dance oozing oomph might aid Aadi Saikumar have an achievement.

Collecting over seventy five crores stocks, the picture had triumphed largely because of Tamannaah's Sensuous behaves in soaked saree and bra showing actions in Girra Girra tune along with also her twopiece bikini action combined side Mehreen, that left this picture a cure to followers.

Milky magnificence Tamannaah experienced scored a stunning come-back together with her final launch, '' the Sankranthi launch f-2 Interesting and annoyance co starring success Venkatesh and also Mehreen Pirzada as well as the picture ended up to become a vast blockbuster.

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